Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa together with Preferred Hotel Group invites you to make a difference in our community by choosing to stay in “The Giving Room”. The Giving Room is an initiative of Preferred Hotel Group’s GIFTTS (Great Initiatives for Today’s [Tomorrow’s] Society) programme. For every night occupied in the designated Giving Room, Room 40, 5 per cent of the room’s revenue will be donated to charity. This initiative is a great way to make your stay not only memorable but also beneficial to the underprivileged in the immediate community.

Imibala Trust

Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa has a proud collaboration with the Imibala Trust, a registered South African NPO who works with children of school-age whose lives are affected by impoverished circumstances. The hotel supports their placement of Hospitality Students for in-house training and skills advancement to make them employable, and able to look forward to a better future for themselves and their families.

The Imibala Trust provides a platform from which to offer programmes that make a substantial and measurable difference in the lives of the children, currently and as they prepare for their lives after school. All children, regardless of race or creed, are assisted through these programmes.

The flagship programme which affects the largest number of children annually is the Sponsor-a-Child programme. An initiative to restore the dignity and self-esteem of vulnerable children. The effects of persistent poverty continue to compromise children’s futures and hamper their dignity, safety, and ability to thrive in the school system. Through our school networks, are identified and assessed for support from Imibala. A network of generous and faithful donors has developed over the years.

Not all children are academically inclined and within the Creative and Performing Arts Department, art, drama, pottery, music and ballet classes are provided to encourage self- expression and a skills set that the children would otherwise not be exposed to.

To be relevant and meaningful in addressing the needs of scholars in 21st century South Africa, the Learner Advancement Department is making huge strides in providing programmes that add value to children’s academic and social development.

Much of the energy of the Trust’s programme delivery is provided by skilled and dedicated Volunteers. They bring to the Trust a measure of excellence, passion and energy which is palpable and supports the staff complement in all that they do.

The Trust is a registered not-for-profit organization NPO 046-758 and also has PBO status with PBO number 93001 7783.