Cape Town claims 3rd place in Conde Nast World’s Best Food Cities list

The Mother City has claimed bronze laurels yet again, this time in the foodie sphere as it was placed third in Condé Nast Traveler’s (CNT) the World’s Best Food Cities for 2014. This prestigious list is compiled by a board of seasoned CNT writers. The city beat Rome’s cannoli and Tokyo’s sushi, but fell to Paris’ gastronomical je ne sais quoi – or, more likely, its croissants – with Spain’s San Sebastian coming out tops. The overarching sentiment seemed to suggest that it’s the fresh, easy fare found in tucked-away cafes and open-air balconies that really tug at eaters’ heartstrings, and maybe the occasional waistline. The description of Cape Town on Condé Nast Traveler’s site reads, “In Cape Town, ‘local’ rules. The Mother city is smallish, casual but supremely stylish, and welcoming — words that describe its artisanal foods and restaurant scenes as much as its citizens”. Read more