The Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa prides itself on its garden. Apart from the longstanding Camphor and Magonila trees; the garden also boasts some beautiful roses. Throughout the years, the Erinvale Hotel has been maintaining and adding to the selection of roses in all the different colours.

In the corner of the estate, hidden behind a row of trees and set between the cobbled walkways, the rose garden currently holds 158 roses and includes a breath-taking display of Icebergs. This corner provides the ideal backdrop and setting for wedding photographs or a romantic stroll.

The Erinvale Courtyard holds another 141 roses planted along the pathways and room patios. Together with the roses in the rose garden; at the spa; the chapel and the entrances, the Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa has 419 roses.

Visit the hotel and enjoy our breath-taking display of roses and end the day off with some tea and scones on the deck or in the Manor House.

View an album of our garden here