Vincent Da Silva Life Size Andalucian Sculpture

IMG-20140728-01097The Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa is the proud new home of the ‘Life Size Andalucian’ by well known sculptor, Vincent Da Silva.

Vincent Da Silva, a young artist from Cape Town, creates sculptures which are cast in bronze. The medium gives the work authority equally matched by the creative insights of this young artist.

Vincent has a portfolio of work which shows keen insight a
nd a critical engagement. He captures more than just a frozen image, but the essence of the subject.

The artist has a very analytical way of producing work but the ferocity and grace in the work, he insists, is intuitive. The idea behind each piece is formed and manipulated until a sudden spark of clarity in expression is achieved.

Vincent’s work can also be seen in the streets of Stellenbosch and he is well known for his Leopard sculptures.

For more information, visit his website here.