Wintertime can often leave you feeling bored, as you can no longer go to the beach or for picnics. We have a few suggestions of how you can spend your free time during the colder months that will ignite your desire to explore.

Accra Classroom

Wine Society Social Tastings at Magnolia Social Dining Lounge

Gather up a group of wine enthusiasts and join us for this informal & sociable tasting and dining experience every  last Thursday of the month. A Bespoke and personal experience. Guests will have the opportunity to interact socially with the winemakers getting to know their journey and wines whilst having a sociable dining experience of Chef Stefan’s small plates cuisine.

Clay Café

With a few locations, the Clay Café has made its way into the hearts of many Capetonians. They have a large selection of clay pieces for you to choose from and then you get to choose your colours to complete your artistic vision. It’s a fun activity for people of all ages and the best part is that you get to take your work of art home with you.

Reading a Book in Oak Terrace Bistro

The classic Winter setting that has led to many meet cutes in romance movies. As cliché as it may seem, there is reason that it used so profusely; very few things beat a tasty cup of coffee and a good book next to a cosy fireplace. Now you add a picturesque setting, and you have a Winter’s day aesthetic that is good enough for a Pinterest board.

Tea time at Magnolia Social Dining Lounge

We love a good pot of English Breakfast tea (or whatever your preference is) and a slice of cake at pretty much any time of day. At Magnolia Social Dining Lounge you can sit comfortably in the stylish space and enjoy a lovely cup of tea, whilst being waited on by the friendly staff. The menu offers a cake of the day that changes daily, as well as a few other delicious desserts that will cater to your sweet tooth.

Going to Art Galleries

Art galleries are a great place to go when you need to get your creative juices flowing. Alternatively, they can help to ease your mind and de-clutter as you just focus on the beauty and complexity of the art. There are many art galleries in the Winelands, some even being in wine estates, which is a pleasant combination of cultural activities. We suggest giving the Dyman Gallery and the Gavin Collins Art Gallery a try.

Shopping for Items to Cozy-up Your Home

You might find your home needing some cozier aspects as the months get colder. In addition to heaters and fireplaces, there are a few other pieces that can help you achieve a warmer and softer affect. A nice rug can take away from the cold floors and tie a room together. Some handles can not only help to heat a room but they can also make your home smell heavenly. A fluffy blanket for your couch can be the perfect accessory to keep you warm through this Winter.

Erinvale Magnolia Lunch

Hopefully you will give some of these suggestions a try and they can become regular activities for Winter in your household.