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The Review:
Named to commemorate the historic date 1707, when the estate was liberated from the original governor’s estate, Vergelegen, after the sanctimonious demise of Willem Adrian van der Stel, Seventeen07 Restaurant evokes an aura of almost bygone class and stateliness. The beauty and formality of the restaurant is blended seamlessly with a team of knowledgeable, courteous, affable and friendly staff.

Dinner was buffet style, but not just any old buffet. Firstly it was a buffet of epic proportions, each and every dish meticulously prepared and originating from a plethora of countries along the spice route.

With dishes from as far afield as Afghanistan, India, Indonesia and Morocco, the choice was challenging to say the least, in a good way of course. The table literally groaned with what was truly a feast fit for royalty.

From the starter section of the buffet I chose the lamb chorba soup, hailing from Morocco, it was slightly piquant but delicious and the perfect way to start my meal on this rather chilly and exceedingly blustery Cape September evening.
The mingling of flavours in the soup was exquisite; it most certainly had my taste buds tingling.

I actually headed back to the starter buffet for a little of something else before I moved on to the main course buffet. Indonesian fresh corn fritters with coconut and coriander served with chilli sambal and lime as well as a few delicious beef strips.

The main course buffet choices were even more challenging than the starters, among them, lamb roghan josh, bobotie, beetroot and spicy carrot curry, I struggled somewhat with my decision, but eventually went for the chicken and lime tagine with some rice, couscous and a dash of pineapple chutney.

My goodness, the flavours were outrageously good. I rarely select chicken when I go out to eat, but the tagine was incredible. The chicken was moist and had absorbed all the surrounding flavours, spices and herbs, which gave it a flavour that was really a taste of paradise. It was a magnificently delicious dish. The pineapple chutney was so yummy; I wish I could have bought a jar.

I so appreciated the history of Seventeen07, the historic photographs on the wall, the authentic looking furniture and the sheer grace of the restaurant made for an experience that I will remember for a long while.

Speaking of remembering, the dessert is something I shall probably never forget. Again the choices were manifold, to be honest, I wanted every dish, but rather than be greedy, I am certainly going to have come back more than a few times to get my teeth into this lot. Home-made Turkish delight, koeksisters, baklava, chocolate Amarula mousse cake, date balls and that’s just a few of them. I chose the tipsy tart with custard.
And what a great choice it was, delightfully moist, not overly sweet, absolutely first class, actually world class.

Seventeen07 is a wonderfully stunning restaurant, the food is exceptional, the location is breath-taking and the service is up there with the best, not just in South Africa but internationally.

The whole buffet, from starter through to dessert is priced at R175, in my mind an absolute bargain. Seventeen07 comes with the highest of recommendation from me, you just have to visit. I shall most certainly be back, I just have to taste all those dishes I couldn`t manage in one visit.

Visit their website here.