Meet the Team


Nicola Kühn – Spa Manager

Nicola, Erinvale Spa’s ‘mama bear’ manager at Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa, is a recent addition to the team, and she’s already revolutionising the guest experience with some exciting new developments in the works – watch this space!

Nicola began her career in 2006 after graduating from the International Academy of Health and Skincare. She’s thrilled to be back in the Western Cape, having relocated from Pretoria earlier this year to begin her new role at the hotel. A solutions-driven professional, Nicola loves nothing more than spoiling guests and making them feel special.


A catch-up under the oaks with Nicola Kühn

How do you and your team customise treatments to cater to each guest’s unique needs and preferences?

The key element to personalising any experience for your guest is asking questions. It all begins with the initial client phone call to make a booking. This is when you’ll find out if they’re visiting the spa for a special occasion or simply for relaxation. The Erinvale Spa team always conducts a one-on-one consultation when the guest arrives so we can ensure we go above and beyond what they’re looking for. We strive to make every guest feel like a VIP.

As a spa manager, you need to stay updated with the latest products and treatments. How do you select which products to use and treatments to offer at Erinvale Spa?

There are many factors to consider when selecting professional and retail products, including climate, current clientele, versatility, and, of course, which brands fit in with the look, feel, and culture of the spa. I prefer to have a variety of brands to ensure we can cater to the different needs and expectations of our guests.

What do you love about working at Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa (whether it’s to do with its location, people, philosophy, culture, or guests)?

I really enjoy how friendly everyone is and how everybody makes you feel welcome. I absolutely love that Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa always strives to deliver the best guest experience and that the management team always encourages the rest of the team to grow within the business.

The hotel/hospitality industry is dynamic – and can be stressful. Based on your experience, what is the recipe for success?

To always keep calm and not get caught up in the moment. Always step back and take a moment to assess what has happened – NEVER REACT.